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Available TLD,s

TLDs Years Register Transfer Renew
.COM 1-yr tk750 tk880 tk880
.NET 1-yr tk730 tk1130 tk1130
.ORG 1-yr tk900 tk1290 tk1290
.XYZ 1-yr tk120 tk990 tk990
.INFO 1-yr tk450 tk1540 tk1540
.TOP 1-yr tk140 tk500 tk500
.TV 1-yr tk2700 tk3000 tk3000
.CLUB 1-yr tk200 tk1080 tk1080
.STORE 1-yr tk550 tk4200 tk4200
.FUN 1-yr tk1800 tk2360 tk2360
.ONLINE 1-yr tk250 tk2600 tk2600
.SITE 1-yr tk260 tk2320 tk2320
.NEWS 1-yr tk1200 tk1220 tk1220
.BLOG 1-yr tk620 tk2230 tk2230
.CLOUD 1-yr tk250 tk930 tk930
.US 1-yr tk830 tk830 tk830
.BIZ 1-yr tk580 tk1880 tk1880
.CO 1-yr tk1000 tk2970 tk2970
.PW 1-yr tk200 tk2420 tk2420
.TECH 1-yr tk1050 tk3790 tk3790
.PRESS 1-yr tk480 tk5150 tk5150
.LIVE 1-yr tk350 tk1930 tk1930
.CYOU 1-yr tk150 tk500 tk500
.IN 1-yr tk800 tk850 tk850

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A domain is your website address on the internet and is used in 2 ways:-
The domain name is the name entered into an internet browser enabling people to find a website eg
The domain name forms part of the e-mail address for your business eg

Without registering your domain name you won’t be able to get your business online with its own website, which is a fundimental requirement to trade successfully for the overwhelming majority of businesses.

A domain name registration may be completed in the name of an individual or a business. If you are carrying out a domain registration for your business you may choose the business or yourself as the registrant. Any type of business or person may be a domain registrant – whether you’re runing a limited company, partnership, sole trader or other form of business.

Domain names need to be renewed either annually or once every two years depending on which one you choose.